The Ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi Political Action Committee (KPAC) is a Hawaiian political watchdog organization that was formed to monitor legislation that impacts the Kanaka Maoli (aka Native Hawaiian) people and our National Lands which consists of the Hawaiian Kingdom crown and government lands.  The KPAC is a national committee of Ka Lāhui Hawaiʻi (KLH), an ʻōiwi initiative for Hawaiian self-governance formed by and for Kanaka Maoli without the interference of the State or Federal governments or its agencies. KPAC works with many Hawaiian Organizations and ‘ohana who advocate for Hawaiian Self-Determination and Human Rights set forth in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights o f Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and International Human Rights Conventions

The purpose of KPAC is to participate to the greatest extent in all State/US processes promoting the national platform of Ka Lāhui Hawaii which includes the return of lands to Kanaka Maoli, termination of wardship advocating for the end of abuses of Kanaka Maoli and our lands, and raising public consciousness about the status of the Kanaka Maoli peoples in our own homeland.

Meetings: During the legislative session KPAC meets every other Saturday at the Lambert ʻOhana home and between legislative sessions KPAC meets every month.  If you are interested in getting inovolved please contact klhpoliticalactioncommittee@gmail.com.

2016 Legislative Accomplishments:

  1. Reconvened KPAC in order to advance the national platform of KLH and advocate on behalf of Kanaka Maoli. KPAC held 5 meetings from December, 2015 – March 2016 and asserted the rights of Kanaka Maoli to the crown and government lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom in submitted testimonies.
  2. Voiced concerns on behalf of Kanaka Maoli KLH citizenry. KPAC submitted 18 written testimonies on 13 Bills 70% of the Bills were regarding the disposition of Hawaiian Kingdom crown and government lands and their revenue.
  3. Educate Kanaka Maoli and the general public on legislation that impacts Kanaka Maoli and the voting record of elected officials.  Printed and distributed 7,000 2016 Koho Pono Legislative Report Card Legislative Report Card Brochures to Hawaiian Home Land communities and the general public across the Hawaiian archipelago.

For more see 2016 Legislative Review

2017 Legislative Goals:

  1. Raise awareness and exercise self-determination as defined by the UN by proposing a bill that will repeal Act 195* which creates a State initiated process to undermine the Human rights of Kanaka Maoli and is a waste of  Office of Hawaiian Affairs beneficiary monies which could be put to better use.
  2. Engage, train and empower Kanaka Maoli (aka Native Hawaiians) in the Hawaii State Legislative process.  KPAC encourages Kanaka Maoli to attend the DHHL sponsored “2017 Legislative Talk Story Sessions” to learn more about the State Legislative process.
  3. Raise awareness of Aloha ‘Āina which encompasses sustainability, demilitarization, climate change, and natural resource management (e.g. Red Hill) at the State Legislative and community levels.
  4. Promote the normalization of the Hawaiian language through a proposed bills requiring Hawaiian for public acts and transaction (See H.B.1264 and S.B.643) and a proposed resolution requesting private schools in Hawai’i to consider offering to continuing to offer Hawaiian Language as part of their academic curriculum.
  5. Continue to educate Kanaka Maoli and the general public on legislation that impacts Kanaka Maoli and the voting record of elected officials by drafting, printing and distributing the 2017 Koho Pono Legislative Report Card.

For more see 2017 Legislative Review

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