Protect Kuleana Land


Kuleana lands were granted to Kanaka Maoli tenant farmers between 1850 and 1855 and include gathering, access, and agricultural rights as well as the right to build a dwelling.  Only 8,205 Kanaka Maoli received Kuleana lands that account for less than 1 percent of Hawaiian Kingdom lands.  Many of these awards were adversely possessed by corporations like sugar and pineapple plantations but a precious few are still in the same families today keeping their ancestral tie to their lands.  With Kanaka Maoli owning the worst socio economic, health and education statistics in the state it is imperative that the State of Hawaii help Kanaka Maoli stay on their ancestral lands.  As people of the land, the well-being of Kanaka Maoli is intrinsically tied to the ‘aina.

 HB860 helps keep Kanaka Maoli families on their lands by alleviating the economic stress of defending themselves against Quiet Title actions.  Having paid fees and taxes for these lands for160 years many of these families don’t have the economic means of hiring attorneys for costly court cases to defend their lands.

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